Pronunciation: [spahrk-pluhg]

Function: verb

1: to lead, inspire, or animate something or someone

Function: noun

1: a device designed to produce the electric spark for igniting the mixture of gasoline and air

2: a person who leads, inspires, or animates a group

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The Seagull: Class of '83

Adapted and Directed by Misha Calvert, Choreography by Croft Vaughn Featuring: Marcus Bonnée, Lauren Koch, Jonathan Rossetti & Meghan Turbitt Chekhov's young romantics confront life, death and dating in this totally rad three-part series set in a 1980’s high school. In The Seagull: Class of ’83, Medvedenko loves Masha, who loves Konstantin, who loves Nina. Hilarity ensues when the students gather for Nina and Konstantin’s musical debut.